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10 Cool Facts about Narwhals

1. Narwhals are often called the “Unicorns of the Sea” because of their tusk, which is actually a long tooth. 2. Most male narwhals have a tusk, while only some females have one. Some narwhals even have two tusks! Their … Continue reading

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Humpback Whales Exhibit Altruistic Behavior Towards Other Animal Species

My name is Hunter, and I’m a Humpback Whale. One day I was feeding on krill in Antarctica. I noticed a pod of Orcas on the hunt. They had a poor Weddell Seal trapped on an ice floe. All they … Continue reading

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The Real Animals (and Fish!) of Finding Dory

Finding Dory came out June 17, 2016. The following was a sneak preview with some corrections now that the movie is out. Dory is back! Her Mom’s name is Jenny and her Dad’s name is Charlie. She is a Yellow … Continue reading

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10 Cool Facts About Blue Whales

1. Blue Whales are the largest animal to have ever lived on Earth. They are larger than any dinosaurs were. 2. Blue Whales can grow to 100 feet long (30.5 meters) long. That’s as long as 20 school children laying … Continue reading

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Guest Post-Whale Watching: Southern California Style!

My name is Vaishali Shah and I am a volunteer Naturalist for the Cabrillo Whalewatch Program sponsored by the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and American Cetacean Society Los Angeles Chapter. I have been a volunteer for 5 years and it has … Continue reading

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The Fastest, Heaviest, Largest, Longest, & Oldest Ocean Animals

Now that the Winter Olympics are over, I thought I’d list some record-breaking ocean animals: 1. The fastest fish in the ocean is a sailfish clocked at 68.18 mph (miles per hour)or 109.73 kph (kilometers per hour). 2. The fastest … Continue reading

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10 Interesting Facts About Killer Whales, or Orcas

With the documentary out about captive Killer Whales (referred below as Orcas) called “Blackfish,” I thought I would list 10 Interesting Facts About Orca Whales: 1. Orcas are found in all the world’s oceans. 2. Orcas are apex predators and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Beautiful Whale by Bryant Austin

If I had to describe Bryant Austin’s book, “Beautiful Whale,” in one word, it would be *amazing*. Just looking at the photographs of whales up close is enough to make you go wow, but his accounts of how he got … Continue reading

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Sperm Whales Adopt Deformed Dolphin

Hi, I am a sperm whale, and no my name is not Moby Dick, nor am I all-white! I’m not sure whether I should laud Herman Melville for putting sperm whales at the pantheon of literature, or if I should … Continue reading

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Right Whale Mother Adopts Orphaned Calf in Addition to Her Own Calf

There is no sorrow greater than a mother’s when she has lost her babe. In my case, a calf. I am a Southern right whale, and I live off the Western Cape of South Africa. Recently I adopted a still … Continue reading

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The 200 year old Bowhead Whale: the Oldest Mammal on Earth

I am a bowhead whale. I just celebrated my 200th birthday this year. That makes me the oldest living mammal on the planet! Sure, trees can live thousands of years, and the oldest living tree on earth is a bristlecone … Continue reading

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