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Meet the Pink Manta Ray!

Yes, I’m really pink. My belly is pink, whereas in “normal” manta rays their belly is white with black spots and splotches on it. I’ve been nicknamed “Inspector Clouseau” from the movies and tv program called the Pink Panther. You … Continue reading

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Lionfish: An Introduced Species Gone Awry

From Lionfish POV: Psst, humans. First they capture lionfish for their home aquariums and we are considered deadly beauties. Then a few aquarists let us go (accidentally or on purpose) in the Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans and poof! We have … Continue reading

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Why Atlantic Bluefin Tuna May Become Extinct: The True Price of Sushi

There’s no feeling in the world like swimming at my top speed of 43.5 mph (70 kph), and sensing a bait ball in the water. A bait ball is when small schooling fishes like anchovies or sardines form a tight … Continue reading

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Why Jellyfish May Become the “Cockroaches of the Sea”

While jellyfish (referred to as jellies for rest of this post since they are not “fish”) have been painted by public aquariums to be moving and floating masterpieces, the ocean itself has a different viewpoint on them. If the oceans … Continue reading

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Polar Bears, Polar Ice Caps Melting, and Global Warming

Hello, my name is Ursula. I am a polar bear. While it is flattering to be the poster “animal” for global warming, it just plain sucks to be a polar bear in this day and age. Don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading

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