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Meet Deep Blue—the Largest Great White Shark Ever Filmed

The following is about Deep Blue, a Great White Shark most recently filmed in the Hawaiian Islands in January of 2019. She is estimated to be 20 feet long, weigh 2.5 tons, and to be 50 years old. She’ll keep … Continue reading

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The Endangered Animals of Finding Nemo: Great White Sharks

G’day mate, my name’s Bruce. I’m a Great White Shark. While I am great, heh heh, I am white only on my belly! The rest of me is gray. In Finding Nemo, my and chums and I had the motto, … Continue reading

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Great White Shark’s Adventure at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Hello, I’m a Great White Shark. My ancestors and I have been roaming the oceans since before there were dinosaurs on earth. We have been the kings and queens of the sea…until now. Humans have made the oceans unsafe for … Continue reading

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