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Meet the Pink Manta Ray!

Yes, I’m really pink. My belly is pink, whereas in “normal” manta rays their belly is white with black spots and splotches on it. I’ve been nicknamed “Inspector Clouseau” from the movies and tv program called the Pink Panther. You … Continue reading

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Ocean Animals and the Mirror Self Recognition Test

With recent news that the cleaner wrasse might have mirror self-recognition (MSR), I thought I’d write about the ocean animals that have MSR. Bottlenose dolphins and killer whales have MSR for certain. Possible mirror self-recognition ocean animals include manta rays … Continue reading

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What Is Bioluminescence and Why Do So Many Deep-Sea Animals Have It?

What is bioluminescence? Bio = biological, or life, Lumen = light (unit) Bioluminescence is the biochemical emission of light by living organisms such as deep-sea fishes. It produces the “glow-in-the-dark” look of certain animals such as fireflies and the “fireworks” … Continue reading

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10 Fun Facts About the Opah Fish, or Moonfish

1. The opah, or moonfish, is a fully warm-blooded, deep-diving flat and round fish. 2. The opah has a silvery gray body, red fins and mouth, and white spots all over. 3. Opah average 100 pounds (but can weigh up … Continue reading

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Plastic Bits are Food? An Anchovy’s Perspective…

Anchovies can smell plastic pieces in the ocean and mistake them for food. Plastic bits or food-they all smell the same to me. Hi, I’m Annie, and I’m an anchovy. You may have seen my colleagues in a tin can … Continue reading

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