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These are the blog posts that give a voice to the ocean animals that are on the front line of the many changes happening to their ocean world, which includes climate change, sea level rise, ocean acidification, overfishing, shark finning, and plastic pollution. I hope that you will listen to and fulfill their wishes!

The author, Cherilyn, received a Bachelor’s Degree in the Environmental Sciences, with an emphasis in Biology, from the University of California at Berkeley. Her senior thesis, “The Distribution and Abundance of Cryptofaunal Communities for Use in Biological Monitoring of Coral Reefs” was published in Berkeley Scientific (1998) 2:58-62.

Cherilyn has a deep love of animals and nature, and also has a Veterinary Technology degree. She has worked at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom as an Environmental Scientist, Aquarist (Marine Biologist), and Water Quality Technician. She has volunteered for the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Research and Conservation Program, for the Oakland Zoo and for Sulphur Creek Nature Center.

She is a Board Member and Scientific Advisor for the Asian-Pacific American Ocean Harmony Alliance (APAOHA), which is helping to implement shark fin bans worldwide. The author is a Research Assistant at the Kerulos Center, a non-profit that aims to “create a world where animals live in dignity and freedom.” Cherilyn is writing the shark curriculum of their Sacred Bones Project. Cherilyn is a leader of a chapter of Jane Goodall’s youth program, Roots and Shoots. Her group was recognized nationally as Group of the Month.

Cherilyn is an avid nature and underwater photographer, and loves to SCUBA dive. She maintains a hundred gallon saltwater home aquarium. She is also Treasurer for the Fremont Area Writers Branch of the California Writer’s Club.

Cherilyn has won first place (2017) in the San Mateo County Fair Literary Contest for her blog post, Journey of One Drop of Water, and second place (2016) for the blog post, My Manta Ray Encounter.

For more how Cherilyn got interested in the oceans, please visit Protect the Oceans.org

To get in touch with Cherilyn, email: ollieoctopus (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

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  1. mwirth says:

    You have a real talent for writing. Thank you for getting the message out about protecting the oceans and all its creatures.

  2. Vanessa Gallo says:


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  3. Michael King says:

    A new book “beneath the surface: tales of a sailing marine biologist” tells stories of adventure in Pacific islands and threats to marine species, particularly those on which we depend for seafood. 94 illustrations of marine species and ocean systems. Available on bookdepository.com

  4. Dear Cherilyn,
    Falmouth Water Stewards has launched a campaign against the use of plastic straws due to the pollution they produce in the oceans and the harm they cause to sea life. “Save the Seas, Skip the Straws”: https://netivist.org/campaign/plastic-straws-pollution Since you are someone highly concerned about water pollution and marine life we wanted to ask you if you could share with your readers and followers this campaign in case they want to give their support (no donations, simply signatures to raise awareness). We strongly believe it is important to bring this topic to the center of public opinion as plastic straws are really harmful for the environment and in particular for our seas.
    Thank you very much for your collaboration,

    Best wishes,

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