The Endangered Animals of Finding Nemo: Clownfish


Nemo the clownfish from Finding Nemo

Did you know that 1 in 6 animals featured in Finding Nemo is endangered? Here’s one that may soon be listed as endangered:

Hi, I’m Nemo! In school today Mr. Ray told us that clownfish might become an endangered species. Unfortunately, humans have no idea how many of us there are in the ocean! Many divers have seen less clownfish in areas where there used to be a lot of us. This may be because humans are collecting us for pets, or because our coral reefs are sick. My dad told me that clownfish used to have to share anemones! But now where I live, there are plenty of anemones to go around.

Officially, the Center for Biological Diversity has petitioned to list clownfish under the Endangered Species Act. Surprisingly, that doesn’t mean that there are so few of us that we are endangered. What it does mean is that where we live, the coral reef, needs protection. The Endangered Species Act protects the places that endangered animals live.

Global warming warms the ocean and causes coral bleaching (see Ollie the Octopus’ post on coral bleaching). Global warming also causes the ocean to become more acidic (see Terry the Pteropod’s post on ocean acidification) . All ocean habitats are affected by pollution, especially from garbage like plastic (see Ollie the Octopus’ post on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch).

You can help me and my friends by not buying clownfish for your home aquarium. If you do, please get help from an expert and only buy captive born and bred clownfish. Please just enjoy seeing us in the ocean, in public aquariums or in Finding Nemo!

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2 Responses to The Endangered Animals of Finding Nemo: Clownfish

  1. Who doesn’t like the beautiful ocean we have all over the world? We should be happy and extremely proud of the natural habitat as it has been portrayed in the movie ” Finding Nemo” These beautiful oceans are bestowed with beauty and most of it is endangered as stated. The plight of these beautiful corals and deep sea creatures and fish rest in the hands of all animal loving people. Its upon us to keep on disseminating information, education and communication which will keep on letting people know that we need to do something about these beautiful animals. Animals all over the world are part of this world as we are part of them as well. As you have clearly stated that we can lend a hand if we stop the buying of these beautiful animal product.

    Animal conservation, animal protection and animal rescue needs to be a priority. We just need to lend a hand.

    We need to love all animals to save all

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