Olive the Oiled Sea Otter

Sea Otter Santa Cruz Oil spill
Olive the Oiled Sea Otter and her new pup: photo by CA Dept of Fish & Game

Olive the Oiled Sea Otter
Sung to the lyrics of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

Olive the oiled sea otter,
	was rescued from Santa Cruz.
She was picked up with care,
	for she had everything to lose.

She was given a bath,
	made of olive oil and soap.
It took a long time,
	before Olive was filled with hope.

She was released from Sunset Beach,
	and she played with the other otters.
She ate to her heart’s content, 
	before visiting other waters.

Then one foggy afternoon,
	Olive gave birth to a pup.
She groomed, licked, and nursed 
	for among oiled otters, this was a first.

Olive is now quite famous
	and her timing couldn’t be much better.
She and her fellow otters,
          are celebrating Sea Otter Awareness Week!

Sea Otter Awareness Week is September 23-29. Visit Sea Otter Week
See hashtags #seaotterweek and #OtterTwitterTakeover on Twitter
For more on Olive the (Formerly) Oiled Sea Otter, check out her Facebook page (search for “Olive” the Oiled Otter)!