Krill: The Most Abundant Animal on Earth

Euphasia superba
Krill (Euphasia superba)photo from Wikipedia

Or specifically, the most biomass on Earth. That would be krill, the small shrimp-like creatures like large whales love to gobble down.

My name is Karl, and I am a krill. I live in Antarctic waters. What is it like to be part of a collective or large group? Well, not only am I small at half an inch long, but I live in a swarm of krill. A swarm of krill may be as dense as 10,000 individuals per cubic meter and may stretch for many kilometers. The total biomass, or the total weight of krill is estimated at 379 million tons. Half of that is eaten by animals such as whales, seals, penguins, squid and fish each year! So my life expectancy is less than a year unless I’m lucky. That is if I don’t get caught by a krill fishery either. Krill is used in supplements, aquaculture, aquarium trade, as bait and as food for humans in places such as Japan and Russia.

As a wee lad, I ate microscopic food stuck to the ice. I also depended on the ice for shelter from predators. Climate change is causing the sea ice to melt earlier in the season, and this is a problem for young krill. Some krill populations have declined up to 80% due to climate change.

Let’s hope climate change doesn’t wipe out my species, as it would be detrimental to animals higher on the food chain like whales and seals.