The Real Fish of Finding Nemo Part 2

real fish of finding nemo

Chum, Bruce and Anchor from Finding Nemo

Dory is a Yellow Tail Blue Tang or Blue Hippo Tang or Pacific Blue Tang or Palette Surgeonfish

Mr. Ray is a Spotted Eagle Ray. His blue coloration is more likely to be black in the wild

Crush and Squirt are Green Sea Turtles. Did you know 6 out of 7 species of sea turtles are threatened with extinction? Read more about Sea Turtles here and meet Crush’s brother Crash!

Sheldon the Seahorse is a generic juvenile Seahorse

Tad is a juvenile Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish

Pearl is a Flapjack Octopus that usually lives in the deep sea (and not coral reefs)

Bruce is a Great White Shark. Did you know Bruce is endangered? Read more about Bruce here

Anchor is a Hammerhead Shark. No one knows exactly why their head is so distinctly shaped, but scientists hypothesize that it helps them navigate, find food, or makes it easier to swim around.

Chum is a Mako Shark. Mako Sharks are the fastest swimming sharks, reaching a speed of up to 46 mph (74 km/hr).

Nigel is an Australian Pelican.

School of fish that does charades for Dory are Moonfish. There are many species called “Moonfish” though.

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