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Book Review: Escape Galápagos by Ellen Prager

Escape Galápagos by Ellen Prager is a middle grade adventure novel. It’ll appeal to most nature and animal lovers, but because the protagonist is fearful of wild animals and being in nature, it also has a wider appeal. It’s like … Continue reading

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10 Fascinating Facts about Piranha Fish

1. All Piranhas live in tropical freshwater rivers, lakes, and lagoons in the northern half of South America. 2. There are between 30-60 species of Piranhas. 3. Piranhas’ teeth are triangular shaped and as sharp as sharks’ teeth. 4. Only … Continue reading

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A True Act of Compassion: One Matriarch Elephant Helps Another Unrelated Matriarch

I don’t know why this dying matriarch’s herd abandoned her, but it must have been for good reason. I knew she needed help standing up, and I wanted to help her with her last dying wishes. She had a swollen … Continue reading

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