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Guest Post-Whale Watching: Southern California Style!

My name is Vaishali Shah and I am a volunteer Naturalist for the Cabrillo Whalewatch Program sponsored by the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and American Cetacean Society Los Angeles Chapter. I have been a volunteer for 5 years and it has … Continue reading

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The Fastest, Heaviest, Largest, Longest, & Oldest Ocean Animals

Now that the Winter Olympics are over, I thought I’d list some record-breaking ocean animals: 1. The fastest fish in the ocean is a sailfish clocked at 68.18 mph (miles per hour)or 109.73 kph (kilometers per hour). 2. The fastest … Continue reading

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How Do Whales Avoid Sunburn?

Ahh, I love basking in the sun! Up to six hours a day in between dives. Hello, I’m a sperm whale, and my name is Enigma. Scientists took a sample of my skin using a modified crossbow and arrowhead, and … Continue reading

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10 Interesting Facts About Killer Whales, or Orcas

With the documentary out about captive Killer Whales (referred below as Orcas) called “Blackfish,” I thought I would list 10 Interesting Facts About Orca Whales: 1. Orcas are found in all the world’s oceans. 2. Orcas are apex predators and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Beautiful Whale by Bryant Austin

If I had to describe Bryant Austin’s book, “Beautiful Whale,” in one word, it would be *amazing*. Just looking at the photographs of whales up close is enough to make you go wow, but his accounts of how he got … Continue reading

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