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By-the-Wind Sailors Washing Up on US West Coast Beaches

By-the wind sailors, also known by their scientific name Velella velella, have been washing up by the thousands along the West Coast of the United States. They have been found from Monterey, California all the way up the coast to … Continue reading

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Krill: The Most Abundant Animal on Earth

Or specifically, the most biomass on Earth. That would be krill, the small shrimp-like creatures like large whales love to gobble down. My name is Karl, and I am a krill. I live in Antarctic waters. What is it like … Continue reading

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10 Endangered Ocean Animals: Happy Endangered Species Day!

10 Endangered Marine Animals 1. Maui’s Dolphin: found off of New Zealand, only 55 individuals remain 2. Northern Right Whale: found in Atlantic Ocean, only 350 individuals remain 3. Vaquita: small dolphin found off of Baja Peninsula, Mexico, 500-600 remain … Continue reading

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10 Cool Facts About Jellyfish

1. A jellyfish is not a fish at all, it is an invertebrate (animal without a backbone). 2. Invertebrates make up 95% of all animals on earth. 3. A jelly is made up of approximately 95% water. 4. A jelly … Continue reading

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Why Jellyfish May Become the “Cockroaches of the Sea”

While jellyfish (referred to as jellies for rest of this post since they are not “fish”) have been painted by public aquariums to be moving and floating masterpieces, the ocean itself has a different viewpoint on them. If the oceans … Continue reading

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